A Little Back Story

Give me the opportunity to present Photana to you!
16 Mar 2017

A Little Back Story!

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Before we get to me explaining to you what Photana is all about, indulge me a little, as I give you a little anecdote that may or may not be related to all this…

Very many years ago, I had my heart set out to become several things in life…a pilot, an astronaut, a computer genius having graduated from MIT…
Years later, after years of reflection and life’s unkind battering I’m none of the above things I mentioned I wanted to become, partially(but mostly) because I wasn’t really into books, rather, I discovered, I’m the kind who loves discovering and creating things. Not the kind who care to be tied down in an office job, knotted up in a tie, making meaningless small talk with workmates during coffee breaks…Nope! Not me! Not for me!

However, in my endless quest to discover who I was and what I wanted to do with my life, I groped about graphic and web design as a career and unfortunately it was as daunting and redundant as what I imagined office life would be. I craved for excitement…a challenge…one so absurd, I was occasionally skeptic of my decision to venture into it.

Photography it was!

I had just fallen into an abrupt and absurd infatuation with the new challenge to become a renowned photographer with absolutely no prior knowledge of the skill, and here I am typing away reminiscing of those often difficult but rewarding times I had exploring who I could become. But it wouldn’t have been so, if I hadn’t had a parent who stood by me even in my most absurd and ridiculous of ventures. My lovely mother! How I insanely miss her and her unquestioned and undying support and love…

Support and invest in your children, however absurd their desires to pursue the various careers this century has to offer. I made a successful career, out of a career that was deemed absurd a few years ago. If it weren’t for the support of my family and especially my mother, I wouldn’t be here.

Give me the opportunity to guide your child to explore the vast possibilities capable with photography. Give me the opportunity to make your child fall absurdly in love with a skill that may define their identity in years to come.

Give me the opportunity to present Photana to you!

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